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Settling Down…

So, now that the student’s schedules are settling down it is time to get serious about things. Test scores come in after school starts- then the students are shuffled around to make sure they are in the Algebra class. A sidenote on that- just because my class is labeled Pre-Algebra on the student’s schedules does not mean we do not cover Algebra I concepts.

I am very excited for this school year. I have one all girls class 1st period. Then I have two periods of all boys classes. The boys this year are very energetic and I have spent 3 weeks helping them learn how to channel their energy toward productive mathematical thinking. We are making progress. The girls are eager to learn and though some admit to a fear of math are willing to put their trust in me that I can help them learn and learn to like math. I know I can do it! I have also been fighting the inclusion battle. They are pulling students out to put them in resource. I have been asking for them to be kept in my room. So far I have won one of them back.

Next on my plan for having a great school year: Implementing the Math Forum POW’s. Centers are still on my radar. They have just been bumped further out due to test scores and other tedious things I need to take care of.

I have a stamp that I had made last year that matches our states standards based test rubric.

4 Advanced

3 Proficient

2 Nearing Proficient

1 Emerging

Last year I used it infrequently. I have decided that I will use it on a regular basis this year. I am also going to tape a breakdown of the rubric onto the student’s desks so that they can learn to analyze their own work. Take ownership of their answers and solutions.