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Ongoing List….

How to start the school year:

  • Establish Norms through Build It Together
  • Ms. Wollard Quiz
  • Things to do…Not a list of things not to do. I find students gel into the class better when there is a positive vibe from the beginning about what they can do to be successful. When they are presented with a list of things to not do, it sets a negative vibe.
  • Bank- Give the students index cards with $100 on them. Periodically collect as a productivity grade. Then they get another $100. Can earn bank as well as lose bank. Depending on the behaviors, attitudes, or habits I am looking for they will get charged or earn stamps. Each stamp is worth $2.00. Some kids get extra credit if they have had no charges. If what they do – or don’t do- is a big no-no, they could lose upwards of $50.oo. It all depends on the student and what they have done. The cool thing about this system is that even when they have fallen and really messed up, they get a chance to start over.
  • Begin Day 1 with mathematics. Do not start with boring introductory crap. They are in 8th grade- treat them with respect from the start and let them know that this is math class and we will be doing some great stuff.
  • …..More to come

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