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Take Away’s and Fields from PC

Having just spent three weeks of intense mathematics exploration and pedagogical discussion I am left now to ponder what have I taken away from that time. Yet it is also about what have I given. Throughout both my daughter’s soccer and marching band careers they had a saying-

“Leave it on the field”

Which for me meant that they put all they had into the game or performance and walked away satisfied no matter if they finished victorious or in first place. So two questions linger-

What have I taken away from Park City?


What have I left on the Field in Park City? 

I believe that some of what I have left on the field in Park City is a bit of my passion for teaching and working with kids. I have also come to love working with adults to help all of us become better at teaching kids. Yet it is kids that drive me and what I continue to do. I must also say that I have left a bit of my passion for life as well. It is a journey that is too short and must be live to the fullest. ENJOY everything, even the tough stuff, it makes us who we are.

What I have taken away is that I am not the only one. There are brilliant mathematicians out there who have also chosen to dedicate their lives to children, kids, young adults, whatever you choose to call them. They too experience the same issues that I do. That makes the world a bit smaller and friendlier to me. This is a topic I will spend more time on as it comes to me. Much to process my friends…


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